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Newborns & First Time Moms

Newborns & First Time Moms services offered in New Braunfels, TX

Being a new parent can feel overwhelming, but receiving exceptional medical care shouldn’t be. At her private practice in New Braunfels, Texas, Caleigh Rodriguez, MD, sees newborns and first-time moms, helping them through the journey of parenthood to ensure optimal well-being. Schedule an evaluation with Dr. Rodriguez by phone or online today. Telehealth and newborn care house visits are also available.

Newborns & First Time Moms Q & A

What does care for newborns and first-time moms include?

Newborn and first-time mom visits with Dr. Rodriguez include medical evaluations, diagnostic tests if needed, and treatment recommendations for newborn babies and their parents. Receiving routine newborn care is vital for the health of your new addition and your peace of mind. 

Dr. Rodriguez is highly trained in pediatrics, with many years of experience caring for patients throughout their lifespan. Seeing her routinely gives your baby the best chance to thrive.

She provides newborn visits, vaccine recommendations, solutions for feeding problems, treatment for jaundice, growth monitoring, and much more. 

When should I schedule a newborn and first-time mom appointment?

You can schedule newborn and first-time mom appointments with Dr. Rodriguez before your baby is born to meet with her and ask questions. 

She sees your baby a few days after birth, and at one month, two months, four months, and six months of age. 

You can also schedule same-day sick visits, telemedicine appointments, and newborn house calls as needed to keep your baby and reduce the risk of troublesome symptoms or complications. 

Does Dr. Rodriguez require vaccinations in her practice?

Dr. Rodriguez offers the common pediatric vaccines in office for your convenience, but does not require vaccinations for pediatric patients. She respects the values of her patients and is open to discussion involving vacinations. Ultimately, the decision resides with you as the primary caregiver. 


What should I expect during visits for newborns and first-time moms?

During newborn and first-time mom appointments with Dr. Rodriguez, she addresses the reason for your visit. She asks about any questions or concerns, weighs your baby, measures their length and head circumference, and checks your newborn’s vital signs.

She also completes a comprehensive physical exam by evaluating their eyes, ears, breathing, heartbeat, and more. Dr. Rodriguez discusses your baby’s development, growth, eating, sleeping, and activity patterns. She offers advice if your baby struggles in any of these areas or if you suffer from postpartum depression or other mental health challenges. 

If your newborn needs blood testing or additional diagnostic tests, Dr. Rodriguez offers these services. She provides labs, imaging, vaccinations, and treatment recommendations if your baby is sick, injured, or has a medical problem. Follow up with Dr. Rodriguez routinely to ensure your baby grows and develops in a healthy way. 

She accepts patients with insurance and cash-pay patients via affordable membership plans.

Schedule an appointment with Caleigh Rodriguez, MD, by phone or request one online today.